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The Chelsea Foundation, Inc.
Somewhere high in the sky, two pelican breaths away from the last snow peaked mountain

PURPOSE / MISSION:  The Chelsea Foundation is centered on three priorities embodied by Chelsea, the stork mascot: family, community consciousness, and the nurturing of values. The Foundation works to improve and ensure the future’s quality of life and level of prosperity by instituting a Quality Effort Award Program. Our efforts are to encourage children's interest in knowledge, by taking literacy across curriculum, and rewarding effort that results in their choosing profitable life paths that achieve their dreams, while serving their communities. 

The Quality Effort Award recognizes effort and rewards that effort with certificates that acknowledges a child's efforts. 

Good—better—best! Never rest until good is better and better is best!

The Quality Effort Award Program is about focus. Understanding and retention of information cannot be mandated, only encouraged. This is especially true where children are the concern! Children who have lived through traumatic experiences, such as national disasters, may find focus difficult. Students suffering from trauma, depression and a host of other problems can quickly find themselves falling in behind their classmates who are the "achievers," and not see their own progress. They often stop trying when the emphasis is on results that seem remote; and worse, they begin to interpret their failures with two words, "I'm dumb!" This attitude often compounds the situation. Children's emotional wounds, no matter how small, can be carried into adult lives if not given an opportunity to heal. By putting emphasis on the quality effort, not results, knowledge comes easier, is accepted and, thus, acquired. Efforts bring success, encouragement brings more effort, and desired results follow.  

The Quality Effort Award Program was tested and deemed successful in 1983 but was later set aside due to a lack of cost-effective supporting tools. Today, we possess the tools necessary to achieve successes that can be measured quickly through the California Achievement Test (CAT). The addition of planned  teacher, student and parent surveys will allow the program’s accomplishments to be better matched against expectations. The program has checkpoints for maintaining quality control, making necessary adjustments, and promoting national expansion.  We now have age appropriate magazines for upper-grade students, Wall Shadows for middle school and The Next Step for high school students.

The Quality Effort Award program is supported by Chelsea's Beacon, a children's magazine, published online. It is filled with appropriate material for children six through twelve. It offers many beneficial methods, formats and outlets that promote the written word. We use only writings submitted through a national volunteer effort of skilled professional and amateur writers. 

There is no cost to children, parents, teachers, or schools!

FUNDING:  A volunteer Board of Directors oversees administration and program activities.  An Advisory Board and an Honorary Board of Celebrated Winners lends themselves in support of the children. Formed as a nonprofit charitable organization, the program is tax-exempt under IRS Code Section 501(c)(3); this is based on a retroactive ruling issued by the Internal Revenue Service on January 5, 2008, and retro-active to July 11, 2005, when The Chelsea Foundation was incorporated in Georgia, and  registered with the Georgia Secretary of State’s Office.

Contact person: Kathleen O'Malley Brown  
email address: administrative.offices@chelseafoundation.org
The Chelsea Foundation envisions a bright future for all children to live out their dreams!
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