Chelsea Foundation
You are never too young to begin to write your story.
Winning cannot be done without trying.
The world is found in books.
A book shelf is filled with the world!

The Chelsea Foundation envisions a bright future for all children to live out their dreams!

The Chelsea Foundation, Inc.


The Chelsea Foundation's mission is to provide children with motivational tools that encourage literacy, stimulate creative thinking, and reward effort. These tools are designed to help our children become successful students who lead more purposeful and productive lives.

We believe that education, training, and proper guidance provide a strong foundation that helps a child build a good future. Chelsea holds the notion that children (particularly those under twelve) when given the right tools and opportunity, will consequently do well in the classroom and in life. 

Chelsea has established this foundation to aid children in:

  • Discovering who they are.

  • Learning that the secrets to success lies within.

  • Expressing their individuality.

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Plant a Seed
Every path begins with a first step.
Discover the power…spread your wings and fly! You can if you will, just simply begin!
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